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The charm of the old

07 February 2017

The homestead at Old Schoolhouse Milton was built in 1880 for the schoolmaster and his family and is now our much loved home. When we purchased the property just two years ago, we were sure a bit of love, and a lot of paint, would show the true character and charm of this historic home.  We knew the house itself would be a big project and needed a lot of thought so we decided our first job was to renovate the Loft and Stables to provide boutique accommodation for guests visiting Milton, and get the orchard and vegetable patches in better shape.  With those tasks complete, we have now turned to the biggest task of all and the renovations on the homestead have begun.  And what better place to start than the front door.  The beautiful door nob that welcomed me on that first day now welcomes so many friends and guests to this little slice of Milton history.


old schoolhouse milton