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History, Home and the Trees

Have you ever looked at a towering tree and wondered who planted it?

How many people have daydreamed under its shade?

What histories have unfolded in the fields it watches over?

The land here at Old Schoolhouse Milton has just as much importance as the home. The original Schoolhouse may have long since disappeared but many of the trees that were planted still remain and the ground carries echoes of footprints of the children who played in this space.

The figs and other old trees surrounding the property have been quietly watching the changes here and the heritage listed pine trees in the Warden Family graveyard over the fence are a reminder of the grandeur of the Warden’s Mt Airlie estate which spread from Woodstock to Croobyar.

These majestic trees act as important markers in the landscape and form an integral part of the history of the district.

The garden and grounds were an important part of the School itself, with local families often coming on weekends to help cultivate the Schoolhouse garden.

Many cultural celebrations were held at the old Croobyar School as well as social tennis days and working bees.

It has always been a place that brings people together and, as The Schoolhouse’s current custodian, we feel it is important that we retain a strong community spirit and hospitality.

Many of you have met Jenny who is the current owner of Old Schoolhouse Milton. You’ve seen inside her beautiful home and guest accommodation and may have even been lucky enough to enjoy her warm and welcoming hospitality.

What you may not know is that she also grew up with her hands firmly in the earth. A father that was as “Aussie” as they come, a wool man and farmer who entered the room with a “Hooroo G’day”, Jenny is as much at home in the hot and dusty country towns of NSW as she is in the city.

Jenny is also a Horticulturalist and Landscape Designer and her love and care for her new home in Milton extends far beyond the spaces she has created inside.

The orchard is tended with care, the fruits shared with local restaurants and guests, and the 16 chickens who roam are Jenny’s pride and joy, nobody leaves without a good supply of eggs.

The grounds and landscaping have been improved upon, natives like Proteas and unique grasses and succulents have been planted and the trees….. the beautiful majestic trees will be cared for so they see another 100 years or more of history here at Old Schoolhouse Milton.

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